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COVID-19 resources 
There are many resources out there targeted to help you understand the recent pandemic occurring in out country and area. We at the Anthony Texas Police Department want to make sure you are educated in several aspects we as a police agency are doing to ensure your safety and well-being. However, this is a fight that we cannot win alone. We require the assistance of the entire public. 

Police officers rush towards gunfire, Firefighters run to burning buildings, EMS run to patch up bleeding people, and Emergency room staff to heal them. This is a call for help that we are asking you, our citizens, to do! We need for you to please help us slow/stop the spread of this virus. Just like a drunk driver, this virus does not discriminate. Listen and follow the advise and the orders set by authorities and stay home! We understand that life at home can get boring and mundane,but the sooner this virus can be eradicated the sooner life goes back to normal. 

The following hyperlinks are documents and web links embedded to keep you informed. If you feel that you are sick click here to conduct a Coronavirus self checker.